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Best Website For Birkenstock Larisa Womens Sandals PurpleThis paper aimed to explore the phenomena of globalization that change the society especially in term of culture. The changes that brought by globalization have give many opportunities as well as threats to the global society. One of the danger challenges due to globalization is described by Huntington in his theory of Clash of Civilization. In this paper we try to discuss this theory and observe the opportunity and threat brought by globalization. We took the case of Islamic culture in Indonesia as an example for birkenstock larisa womens sandals this phenomenon. However, before we discuss Huntington’s theory and the case of Islamic Culture in Indonesia, we discussed the definition of globalization followed by the cultural dimension of globalization and problems of cultural globalization to give a clearer picture about phenomena of globalization of culture. And before we summarized this paper, we discussed several actions to anticipate the risk of globalization to global society regarding cultural diversity.

Best Website For Birkenstock Larisa Womens Sandals PurpleAs mentioned by Dicken in his famous book, Global Shift (2003), globalization is perhaps the ‘buzzword’ and the most important issue in our contemporary live. The wide use of word ‘globalization’ in our society has brought broad definitions that mostly quite high subjective and sometimes even confusing (Amoore, 2002). However, a typical definition is often taken from the International Monetary Fund, which defines birkenstock larisa globalization as “the growing economic interdependence of countries worldwide through increasing volume and variety of cross border transactions in goods and services, free international capital flows, and more rapid and widespread diffusion of technology” . Nevertheless, globalization is not solely about economic activities, it also refer to a multidimensional set of social processes that according to Steger, “create, multiply, stretch, and intensify worldwide social interdependencies and exchanges while at the same time fostering in people a growing awareness of deepening connections between the local and the distant” (Steger, 2003). And regarding Steger’s notion, globalization can be used as a general term to show complex changes of economic, social, technological, cultural and political aspects with regard to the increasing of interconnectivity and interdependences among peoples and activities in disparate locations.

Best Website For Birkenstock Larisa Womens Sandals PurpleAs a matter of fact, globalization has happened since the early civilization that ever recorded in human history (Frank and Gills, 1994). The spread of ideas and inventions; the multiplication and extension of long distance birkenstock clearance womens communication; and the exchange of cultures, technologies, commodities, and even diseases can be traced in the era of Egyptian Kingdoms, the Chinese Empire, the Roman Empire, Islamic Caliphates, and even long before that time.

Even though, it is obvious that the economy of the world, or to be precise, the markets for goods and capital across international borders are more vivacious after the end of World War II because the rapid raise of manufactured export commodities (Tedlow and Abdelal, 2004). We can see now that component for production are taken from everywhere, and money or capital flows from bourse to bourse. And after the earliest appearance of the term ‘globalization’ in 1960s, the notion of compressed or ‘shrinking’ world is indeed present in our time and forming the idea of ‘global village’ due to the development of technology (McLuhan 1960, Pahjola, 2001). Everyone now is being connected by colored birkenstock sandals communication networks. Internet and satellite media make us notice about what happened in other places just in time. Book, film, and music are recognized everywhere and give strong influence to other like never before. For instance, book by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, has influenced many people in India and also in any other places in the world to develop informal school for children; Ghost movie played by Demi Moore was inspiring many young women in Indonesia to have short hair cut a la Molly Jensen; and many little kids in Manila can sing My Heart will Go On by Celine Dion much better than their own traditional local songs.

As a multidimensional process, globalization has been analyzed and explained in different and even often contradictory ways. Scholars not only hold different views with regard to proper definitions of globalization, they also disagree on its scale, causation, impacts, and policy outcomes (some debates about globalization could be seen in Stiglitz, 2003; Weiss, 1998; and 2003). However, it is clear for everyone that globalization, as a condition, is a big challenge as well as opportunity that need to be anticipated and accommodated. Due to the rapid intensification of worldwide connection, globalization has increased the international trade which could lead to the higher economics growth. But at the same time, globalization also makes possible to spread the threat and depravity and also promote inequality. Cultural dimension of globalization in the obvious sense can bee seen from the convergence of people appearance in the surface. Almost everybody now are wearing Denim Jeans, Nike shoes, or eating at McDonalds, drinking coca cola, watching MTV, using Microsoft, etc. In the other word, the globalization tends to bring the notion that the world is getting smaller and unified. However, in the same time, some researchers argued that the differences between cultures are getting bigger instead of creating a junction (Bikel, 2005; Barber, 2002). This phenomenon can be seen from the reemerging of ultra nationalist or nationalist party in some countries like REP in Germany, FN in France, NA and PVV in Netherlands, or LDPR in Russia. Debates about whether globalization increases or reduces cultural diversity or homogenization, still become hot topics in discussion about cultural globalization.

The rapid progress and immense development of information and communication technology plays a tremendously important role in the cultural dimensions of globalization (Golding Harris, 1997). It can be seen from the wide use of new information communication technologies such as the satellite, internet, and mobile phones since these technologies are becoming cheaper and more widely available. The increasing of easiness and speed of global communication obviously has gave it influences towards social interconnection and further changing the way of life in global society.

Even though culture has many dimensions as well as it can be defined, there are four common elements that been used to understand and answer what culture is. They are values, norms, institutions, and artifacts. These four elements can be seen as layer of culture. Some experts are describing culture in different ways by proposing different dimensions and layers of culture (Hofstede Hofstede, 2005; Schneider Barsoux, 1997), but generally these four elements are always present as the key components of culture. Values as the first layer of culture are related with ideas about what things are important in peoples’ life . These ideas give guidance to the other aspects of the culture. Values depends on the credo system or basic assumption on how the society appraises their existence. The next layer, norms, can be defined as “a principle of right action binding upon the members of a group and serving to guide, control, or regulates proper and acceptable behavior” . Sanctions are seldom used to enforce norms to the people and these differ with the importance of the norm for the society. Law is a formal form of norms that applied in a society. Then, institutions refer to the structures and mechanisms of a society that used to govern the behavior regarding the relation and cooperation among peoples within society. Institution tends to appear to people in society as part of the natural, unchanging landscape of their lives. And the last outer layer is artifacts that refer to material aspects of culture as a product or manifestation of values and norms . Artifacts are not only expressed in the form of piece of relics, but also as languages, rituals, and symbols.

Some of these cultural dimensions are easy to detect especially the artifact. This explicit face of culture can be analyzed through observation. But the deeper the layer, the more difficult it can be identified and analyzed (Schneider Barsoux, 1997). A rigorous evaluation, survey, and interview could be required to discover what is lying down as basis for social institution. Even more, sometimes a thoughtful interference and interpretation are needed to disentangle basic assumptions that formed such a values and norms in society. This, however, is not an easy task to do.

Cultures have a tendency to adapt and, at the same time, oppose the changes, depend on their characteristics. According to O’Neil (2006) there are three kinds of sources that are responsible for change and resistance of culture: (1) forces at work within society, (2) contact between society, and (3) changes in natural environment.

At this point, globalization plays an important role in cultural change since at least two later sources are being fortified by globalization with its intensive worldwide interconnection. And the strong wind of globalization is not only encouraging the acceptance of new ideas that change the culture, but also persuading changeless stability of the culture. Furthermore, this two sided pull of globalization on culture has created problems in global society which will be discussed more deeply in next chapter. Therefore, even though globalists have put their effort to endorse and make known the idea that rapid flow of communication and global interconnectedness could possibly make capital, prosperity, and wealth, to spread worldwide, but in the other side, globalization also increasing inequality and giving a chance for the idea of confrontation, separatism, conflict, and hostility to stretch across boundary of nations.

In cultural dimension, globalization has brought some changes either in a positive or negative way. Based on freedom house, due to globalization, democracy has increased dramatically from almost no nation with universal suffrage in 1900 to 62.5% of all nations in 2000. Furthermore, between 1950 and 1999, global literacy increased from 52% to 81% of the world and women made up much of the gap. It can be seen from the increase of female literacy as a percentage of male literacy from 59% in 1970 to 80% in 2000. But, globalization also increases the number of human trafficking, drugs use, and juvenile delinquency especially with violence .

As mentioned in previous chapter, the discussions in cultural globalization are divided between those who stress the problems of cultural homogeneity brought on by globalization and those who stress the potential for cultural heterogeneity that this trend represents. Levitt, in his seminal work, The Globalization of Market, mentioned that by means of technological change, social, political and economic development, globalization of markets has driven the world toward a homogenized or convergence commonality in terms of consumer tastes and product preferences (Levitt, 1983). Some belief that the unification of the world, for some extent, is backed by United States which is promoting its values through media news and endorsing popular culture in order to “Americanize” the world. Terms such as the “Coca Colanization” of the world or “McWorld”, are often used to express this phenomenon.

In the other hand, the global environment also increases the complexity and opens up sophisticated variations in consumer needs individually as well as regionally and globally that makes demanding products are becoming differentiated rather than standardized (Stonehouse et al., 2004). Furthermore, based on Barber (1992), globalization could increase the anxiety in uncertainty avoiding culture and fertilizes the fundamentalist movement in order to uphold and defend their identity. At the end, the expansion of world unification will face the wall of sovereignty over particular culture. This collision named by Barber as Jihad vs. McWorld.

Critics on homogeneity also stressed by those who see that there is an increase in the ability of smaller cultures to bring their products to a wider market due to globalization (Berger Dore, 1996). Globalization means that local cultures provide more input to the main cultural discourse. Consequently, cultural globalization leads to greater diversity. Moreover, interaction across boundaries could lead to the mixing of cultures that at the end will promote pluralization and also contestation. The increase of local awareness in adapting global practices is what then known as glocalization (Robertson, 1992). And based on Friedman (2000), the consciousness of glocalization for some extent will ask for political recognition. This could widen the difference from one culture and another and sharpen the tension among them. At the end, this tension could bring to the clash situation.

One of the prophecy analyses of future clash due to the differentiation of culture is publicized by Huntington in his famous theory Clash of Civilization. This theory will be discussed in the next chapter. Huntington defined civilization as “the highest cultural grouping of people that share in common their language, history, religion, custom, or institution by the subjective on self identification” (Huntington, 1998). Huntington gave his prediction that the awareness upon the identity of civilization will increase and be much more important in the future, and the world will be significantly influenced and shaped by the interactions among the eight major civilizations that identified by him. These civilizations are including Western, Islamic, Slavic Orthodox, Sinic, Japanese, Hindu, Latin American, and also African civilization.

According to Huntington, there are six reasons why civilization will be in conflict. First, the differences among civilizations are basic and sometimes contradict to each other. The work of Hofstede Hofstede had shown how these cultures differ and contradict to each other (Hofstede Hofstede, 2005). Second, the interactions between peoples of different civilizations are increasing that for some extent will intensify local consciousness and awareness and widening the differences between civilizations and also commonalities within civilization. Third, the alienation of peoples from their identity is increasing due to the processes of social changes and economic modernization across the world. Fourth, western hegemony has thrust other cultures to compete. Fifth, cultural characteristics are often very solid and the differences with others are hard to compromised and resolved. And sixth, economic regionalism is growing that make other civilization becomes stronger and brave enough to take over the western domination.

Huntington made a prediction that the widespread of Western beliefs and domination will provoke other civilizations and affirm what he called as the west versus the rest. However, in Huntington’s view, the Sinic and Islamic civilization are the most exigent threat to the west civilization. According to Huntington, the rapid increase of China’s economic growth could lead to the political instability in the context of international relation with the West, particularly America, since it will make the attempt of establishing its hegemony in East Asia becomes harder. Huntington also predicted that the explosion of population in Islamic countries will create political insecurity within the countries and with their neighbors as well as the other non Islamic civilization countries regarding the latent attraction from of fundamentalist movements. Moreover, according to Huntington, clash between Islam and the West is not a contemporary issue since the fault line between Islamic and non Islamic civilizations can be traced from a long history of conflict between the two civilizations. We can see from the past that the occupation of Iberian Peninsula by the Moor, the conquest of crusaders by Salahuddin Al Ayyubi to take over Jerusalem, and also the domination of ottoman Turks on Constantinople have given a piteous gash on Western History (Kishlansky et al., 2005). While in the other hand, the Western imperialism and colonialism on the Islamic Nations with a strong pressure to adopt Western values since the late of XIX century also has created many Islamic fundamentalist movements against the West (Black, 2001). According to Huntington, the fault line between West civilization which is based on Christianity and Islam civilization is worsen by missionary movements in both sides that instill their members toward the believe that only their faith is the right one and represent the goals of human existence.

In his thesis, Huntington saw Islamic civilization and China have potential to build an alliance since both seem to have the West as their common enemy. Huntington made a provocative prophecy about it that the Sinic and Islamic military will be connected and they will form a collaboration to develop weapons to counteract the West military power (Huntington, 1993).

Many researches see Huntingdon’s ‘Clash of Civilizations’ as an inherently dangerous theory, with many referring to self fulfilling prophecy. If the west attempts to adapt its foreign policy in advance of conflict using Huntington’s prophecy, this action itself might worsen any existing fault lines (Russet et al., 2000; Harris, 2004).

Despite of its provocative provision, the theory of clash of civilizations created many criticisms from outrageously different paradigms. Some have argued that Huntington’s’ identification and differentiation on civilizations are not clear and ambiguous (Russet et al., 2000). For instance, in the Muslim world, there is rigorously divergence point of views along different ethnics such as Arabs, Persians, Kurds, Turks, Pakistanis, Malays, and Indonesians. Along with that, the disparities of Protestant and Catholic branches as well as Germanic and Romance culture in Western civilization are also being ignored by Huntington. Beside that, Huntington has also put Vietnam under the label of the Sinic civilization together with China different with Japan, though in 1979, there was a bloody border war between China and Vietnam, known as the Sino Vietnamese War or Third Indochina War, that have made Vietnam keeps their army in their border against China till now.

The hypothesis of civilizational divisions will be more ambiguous if we noted here that Christianity upon which Western civilization is based was not originally from the West (Ralph et al., 1997). And it is also has to be remembered that beside Confucianism, Sinic civilization also has its root from Buddhism (Shaughnessy, 2000) which was born in India. And India itself can not be understood solely as Hindu civilization since Buddhism which is very different with Hinduism also has major influences in building a civilization in India.

The other criticism came up since Huntington confused the issue of civilizational division by asserting that such practices as democracy, political power checks and balances, and the law sovereignty are all got their origin from Western civilization. Maybe it is true that democracy and political division of power were first being popularized by Western countries, but many of these principles have attempted and taken a root in many non Western countries (Sen, 1999) whereas many Western countries have not fully applied these principles into their societies till now (Halley, 1965; Sahin Dikmen, 2003). For instance, long before Dutch people invaded Nusantara or what now known as Indonesia, local communities in its regions already voted for their leaders and had public meeting to look upon the government which shows a democratic and political power balance system (Madjid, 1996). In the other hand, the idea of law and state sovereignty had only been emerged in Eu

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Pollet Brannen’s gender bending, satirical, pointed and playful garments are on exhibit in a show called FLESH, at the gallery to Dec. 15. They are forms of visibly stitched leather bustiers, codpieces and pointed hats. She uses chicken wire in a skirt, makes a summer dress entirely out of inner soles and adds polka dotted fabric for clown like accents.

She can point to famous conceptual artist Garry Neill Kennedy’s shoes, her own child’s skateboard shoes, her studio mate’s worn shoes.

“One of the hats has a pair of shoes that belong to my mother, and she has very bad bunions, and I look at that hat and I see my mother. It’s a very personal thing.

“I like the idea there is a story behind these.”

Pollet Brannen loves seeing people in the rigid clothes because they are anti haute couture. They are designed as warrior wear to give people strength.

“It’s a little restrictive. It makes you hold yourself a certain way. People become very empowered.”

A vegetarian for 22 years, she wants to pay homage to the animal that gives its life for shoes. There are three “skins” in this clearance birkenstock sandals exhibit, she says: the skin of the animal, the shoes, which are skins that mould themselves to the contour of a person’s foot, and the garments, which are a third skin covering the human body.

Best Birkenstock Kairo Womens Leather Sandals BeigeThis body of work started with an anatomy drawing class that included lessons on drawing the human foot. She started thinking about Chinese foot binding, corsets that restricted women’s upper bodies to the point they couldn’t breathe, 20th century high heels that damaged women’s feet.

“The fashion industry, I think, is really hard for women,” she says, in an interview at the gallery. “It has become so impersonal, and we are forced to empty our wallets every year because trends change so quickly.”

The way Pollet Brannen works is antithetical to the waste, expense and new technologies in many industries. Like a medieval shoemaker, the artist hand sews everything.

“I like that idea of the craft. It’s my birkenstock ladies sale redemptive nature. I try to pay homage to the original maker.

“I take everything apart carefully and I keep everything. I keep the liner and the soles.”

She even keeps the thread and uses it in embroidery, harking back to women’s traditional craft.

Best Birkenstock Kairo Womens Leather Sandals Beige“Now I am obsessed. I cannot throw things out.”

Pollet Brannen, a 2009 graduate from NSCAD University, raids the NSCAD fashion department trash bins for the unbleached cotton that students use to test patterns and ideas before going to more expensive fabrics.

She is interested in the fetishization of the shoe and in further fetishizing it by putting it in an art gallery. Cross dressing is also considered a fetish, she says.

“I like the idea of blurring the lines between clothing for men and women. I like to play around with gender issues, what’s appropriate and what we are kind of forced to wear and what we are not allowed to wear.”

She loves innovative Belgian fashion designers who are making skirts for men, and is also fond of the French designer Gaultier and the birkenstock kairo late Scottish designer, Alexander McQueen.

Best Birkenstock Kairo Womens Leather Sandals BeigeHer artwork, The Dykhuis Project, features a female mannequin wearing a “Roman warrior hat” and a garment with a codpiece and a bustier made out of old shoes donated by Peter Dykhuis, director curator of the Dalhousie Art Gallery and a lover of creative shoe design.

Her self portrait includes embroidered red leather from a pair of her favourite clogs. The piece, High Mid Low Tops, is made out of Nike high tops with the Swoosh incorporated as a design element.

“I tried to make it look like it was not a Nike sign.”

The polka dot fabric skirts and pieces birkenstock kairo womens leather sandals were inspired by printed fabric the late artist Gerry Ferguson gave her.

“I love polka dots. The circle is the perfect form.”

She also paints polka dots on fabric.

“It’s part of continuously working. When you hit a wall, there’s always polka dots you can paint. It’s about always being busy.”

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Ohio State will sport new Nike uniforms for Saturday’s game at home (noon, ABC) against rival Michigan. flag on the right sleeve, plus other marks and logos birkenstock sandals for ladies which honor the 1942 Buckeyes team of coach Paul Brown that went 9 1 and won the national championship.

Create My Own Birkenstock Gizeh Womens Leather Sandals Black“We’re looking forward to the fact that we’re honoring that 1942 team, which one could argue that that’s when a great part of our tradition began in Ohio State football,” he said on Monday. “Not to mention the fact that what those men did once the season was over, they went and served in the ultimate way, and we even lost a couple members of that team in the war.

“So you put all those things birkenstock gizeh together, I don’t know if you could make the Ohio State Michigan game any more special. But I think when you mention that football team and what they mean to our program and what they meant to our country, it just adds a little bit more.”

After the Iowa victory last Saturday night, Pryor, or someone using his Twitter account, sent disparaging messages about former Ohio State QB and current ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit, and also angrily wrote that all of the “haters” out there weren’t good enough to even wear his shoes.

Create My Own Birkenstock Gizeh Womens Leather Sandals BlackThere was no comment from Ohio State about the tweets.

Lose the blue

Now in its fifth year, the “Lose the Blue” clothing drive, headed by the Ohio State’s athletic and licensing departments, has birkenstock gizeh womens leather sandals collected more than 18,000 pounds of clothing for Goodwill Columbus. Last year, the initiative gathered more than 4,000 pounds.

This year, fans can donate gently used items of blue clothing at the Ohio State team shop or at several other merchandise outlets throughout the city. With a donation of a blue item combined with a minimum purchase of $10, fans will receive a free “Beat Blue” Rah Rag.

Create My Own Birkenstock Gizeh Womens Leather Sandals BlackHe did say that he didn’t expect freshman safety Christian Bryant, still recovering from a foot infection, to play. Bryant had sent a message on his Twitter account last week that he planned on playing against Michigan.

As much as I would love to win this game, I not sure how well this defense will hold up. What alarms me in regards to Michigan football right now is not necessarily the fact that we have NOT won some of these; it more so that we CAN win some of these games. With the disparity in “trench toughness” (where Big Ten games are won), we simply cheap birkenstock sandals do not have the fortitude to win these games in the trenches. That why I firmly believe if we do not put up at least a respectable performance in Columbus, a change is necessary. DT Born and raised in Michigan. Now live in the South. Can stand the SEC slappies here. Theo212 You the MAN! Love your poetry I your biggest fan! I love Our King but it simply ain working right now

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Sports Direct Cheap Birkenstock Como Womens Sandals BlackHe hears from people who find strange things washed to shore, from Cracker Jack prizes to pianos. He runs experiments to see whether a rubber ducky will crack when drifting in icy waters (no) and whether a full can of beer will float (yes, barely).

He notes how many objects wash up, and where; their serial numbers; their species; their dimensions; and whether they wear an encrustation of barnacles.

All this goes into Beachcombers’ Alert!, a newsletter that serves as a clearinghouse for birkenstock como womens sandals information on ocean drifters from exotic tropical seeds to abandoned yachts and the tiny plastic pellets known as nurdles.

Ebbesmeyer, an oceanographer with Evans Hamilton Inc.

“Scientists think it’s too silly,” Ebbesmeyer says. “For a scientist sitting in an office, it’s usually an irritant when a beachcomber calls.”

But he thinks they have a lot to offer each other.

Based on tips from beachcombers, oceanographers can track the drift of thousands of objects around the oceans information they can use to fine tune their models of how the currents flow, among other things.

These currents are important not only for navigation but also for plotting the trajectories of birkenstock como oil spills and understanding the life of the ocean the spread of fish larvae, the drift of plankton and the paths that salmon take to the streams of their birth.

Ebbesmeyer estimates that 1,000 cargo containers plop into the sea from ships every year just part of a growing burden of debris in the world’s oceans.

Sports Direct Cheap Birkenstock Como Womens Sandals BlackIt tends to collect in hot spots where prominent currents come to shore. Oregon, Washington and southern British Columbia get the North Pacific drift from Japan. Florida collects the fruits of the Gulf Stream.

“The whole issue of how long things can swirl around the ocean really isn’t answered,” Ebbes meyer says. “The whole idea of how things beach is virtually unexplored.”

For their part, beachcombers can get help identifying their finds and taste the excitement of research.

“It’s nice to think my hobby is able to advance the cause of science a bit,” says Steven McLeod, a 53 year old artist who spent part of his childhood combing the beach in northern California.

McLeod inadvertently helped to buy birkenstock sandals start the Beachcombers’ Alert! network in 1991 when he noticed that Nike sneakers and hiking boots and Etonic golf shoes were washing up near his home in Cannon Beach, Ore.

“They were brand new,” he recalls. “I mean, they didn’t have any wear on them. . I thought something must be going on.”

He started hearing about people finding 40 or 80 or 100 shoes on beaches from Northern California to the Queen Charlotte

Sports Direct Cheap Birkenstock Como Womens Sandals BlackIslands in British Columbia. He organized a series of swap meets in which people matched about 500 pairs of shoes all wearable, after some scrubbing, despite their months adrift.

Intrigued by the shoe bonanza, Ebb esmeyer traced the source of the spill to the North Korean container ship Hansa Carrier, which ran into a severe storm in the North Pacific on May 27, 1990, and lost 21 cargo containers. Among the lost cargo: 80,000 shoes.

Ebbesmeyer called a friend and collaborator, oceanographer W. James Ingraham Jr. of the National Marine Fisheries Service in Seattle, who uses a computer model to simulate Pacific currents.

Given the time and location of birkenstock for ladies the spill, Ebbesmeyer asked, where would the shoes likely wash up? Ingraham ran the model ” and came up with a simulated path that ended just north of the actual landing sites.

The two wrote up their findings in Eos, a publication of the American Geophysical Union. At the time of the report in August 1992, a few shoes had been found on Hawaii’s Big Island, having ridden the California current southward and then west. The researchers predicted that some of the shoes would turn up in Japan and other parts of Asia if they survived.

The scientists and the beachcombers stayed in touch. It wasn’t lTC long until the next big spill 29,000 plastic bathtub toys that washed overboard Jan. 10, 1992, in the North Pacific. There were yellow ducks, blue turtles, red beavers and green frogs, each in a plastic housing glued to a piece of cardboard.

The researchers bought identical toys from a store and submerged them in a bucket of seawater to see how long the packages would hold together. The glue softened within a day, setting the plastic animals free.

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The propane tank on the grill is nearing empty and freshmen are about to have that awkward moment when they meet their rooomate. Lightest Birkenstock Bali Womens Sandals PurpleThat can mean only one thing: it’s time for my annual Midsummer Night’s Power Rankings.For the uninitiated, the MNPR is the first in depth look at what could be in store for the coming season. I use different metrics than what is used in Lacrosse Magazine’s preseason rankings, which will drop sometime in December. Unlike that list, the MNPR is not as focused on the results of the previous season (although that certainly is a factor) and more on what is coming back.With that said, the data used for this ranking is womens birkenstock sandals sale based on the players that are assumed to be coming back this spring. As we all know, there will be plenty of key additions and subtractions between now and the start of the season, so there is some dead reckoning involved.Starting with this edition, the Midsummer Night’s Power Ranking for Division II is going to be expanded. The NCAA middle child has lagged behind the other two divisions in terms of ranked teams. Lightest Birkenstock Bali Womens Sandals PurpleThe USILA recognized 10 for a long time and it moved to 15 just a couple of years ago. I’m upping the ante, pushing the ranking to 20 programs, which will be incorporated into Lacrosse Magazine’s weekly rankings this spring. D II has paid their dues and are worthy of the bump.Without further chatter, here is the Midsummer Night’s Power Rankings for Division II.20. Colorado Mesa (10 3)Starters returning: 6 Points returning: 151 of 302 (49.9%)Why the Mavericks could be higher: There’s no underselling the importance of Mesa’s late season thrashing of Tampa last year. It was arguably the most important victory in western Division II birkenstock waterproof sandals lacrosse history, and could be a harbinger of big things to come in Grand Junction. Junior Steve Brandenburg (24g, 2a), who torched the Spartans for six goals, returns along with senior David Solomon (23g, 30a) and senior netminder Zach Weaver (52.4 sv%, 9.52 GAA). A tough enough schedule is also in place for the Mavs.Why the Mavericks could be lower: There are enough points missing from last year’s team to raise a red flag and Mesa will have to be nearly perfect to stay on the grid, never mind remain in contention for a postseason berth. Vince Smith has another 20 man class coming in, but we’ll have to see whether last year was an aberration or the new normal for the Mavs.Lightest Birkenstock Bali Womens Sandals PurpleFearless prediction: Last year, Colorado Mesa gave up 9.62 goals per game. It’s a livable number, but if the Mavs can’t pare that number into the low eights, the postseason will be out of reach.The Word: Western teams have always carried an extra burden of proof when searching for credibility, and Colorado Mesa will be no different in both the polls and NCAA consideration. The Mavs will tote excess luggage this year as it attempts to replace once promising programs at NDNU and Dominican (Calif.) as the model that other prospective schools use as a selling point to add the sport. That’s a heavy torch to carry. Fortunately, Smith appears up for birkenstock bali womens sandals purple the challenge and has given Mesa a reasonable shot from both from a personnel and scheduling perspective, providing the newly formed RMAC some street cred. Can they pay it off? It very well may come down to the April 29th contest against Lindenwood in Kansas City.19. Saint Leo (7 7)Starters returning: 8 Points returning: 185 of 228 (81.1%)Why the Lions could be higher: Leo’s record looks pedestrian, but six of the seven setbacks came by two goals or less, including three by a lone goal. Considering how young the roster was last year, the Lions can build on those near misses, especially with a capable goalie like senior Dave Moore (57.4 sv%, 9.33 GAA) backstopping their efforts.Why the Lions could be lower: The Sunshine State Conference is no picnic, as Saint Leo’s startling loss to Lynn in last year’s season finale indicated. To justify this ranking, the Lions will have to finish in at least third place in the league no easy feat with Lynn, Florida Southern and Rollins carrying healthy ambitions of their own. While Leo will be challenged, anything short of birkenstock bali sandals a bid to the conference tourney will be a disappointment.Fearless prediction: After posting a winning percentage of 70 in ’14, senior faceoff man Will Cothron was bedeviled by injuries and dipped back to 57 percent last spring. He’ll hover in the high 60s helped by improved health and more purposeful wing play.The Word: One can only imagine the sleepless nights for Brad Jorgensen last year with the number of winnable games that were left on the table, but now he has a more experienced squad that should be able to finish the deal in crunch time. That’s the assumption, anyway. Senior Dylan Yonts (38g, 10a) and sophomore Jake Gilmour (28g, 14a) both have the potential for 50 point seasons, although the presence of a true quarterback would benefit both as the Lions were not a great feeding team (less than half the goals were assisted). The defense is in great shape, which should help lower the GAA by at least a goal. An NCAA tourney bid might still be a stretch, but Leo should be in the discussion.18. Dowling (5 8)Starters returning: 9 Points returning: 162 of 170 (95.3%)Why the Golden Lions could be higher: The core of last year’s team, led by senior middie Brian White (29g, 29a), that took it lumps returns to provide a solid foundation. At its peak, the ECC would probably prove to be too tough for Dowling, but that league isn’t running at the same pace, opening up opportunities. The Lions have an excellent shot at returning to the conference tourney while being a couple of key bounces away from contention, helped by some solid players who redshirted last year.Why the Golden Lions could be lower: Just look at last year’s roster. There are 21 players listed. Tim Boyle has quality reinforcements headed to Oakdale, but depth will be a concern regardless of the injection of new personnel. A couple of key injuries could be a knockout blow when the numbers are that thin. Even with the question marks, the Lions will be considerably ahead of last year’s pace.Fearless prediction: White was an All American caliber player who didn’t get the nod because of the lack of team success. He’ll get his due in ’16.The Word: There is a tremendous amount of upside potential for the Lions. Junior Frank Sommers is a better goalie than the numbers (50.0 sv%, 10.83 GAA) indicated and White is an 80 point guy if he gets the horses surrounding him. Senior FOGO Michael Fitzpatrick has the potential to operate around the 60 percent mark (he ran at 55 percent last year). With all of that said, last year was a curious season for the Lions, especially considering they were still just three years removed from a national championship. This is when the rubber meets the road for Dowling, and they need all the traction they can get to remain in the discussion, especially considering the North could get a lot more competitive in the near future.17. Belmont Abbey (11 5)Starters returning: 7 Points returning: 187 of 301 (62.1%)Why the Crusaders could be higher: Entering the season, defense is going to be an asset for Abbey. Two close defenders, sophomore goalie Harley Whitham (54.2 sv%, 9.17 GAA) and long stick middie Devin Cruz perhaps the best LSM in the country give the Crusaders a rock solid backline that should show well in Conference Carolinas. Senior Connor Sellars (39g, 11a) is a quality weapon to rebuild the offensive around. The league should be very strong this year, which will boost Belmont Abbey’s candidacy, especially if it can finish in the top two.Why the Crusaders could be lower: They were an incredibly young team in ’15, which is obviously is a testament to Chris Barrett’s coaching acumen considering what they accomplished. The Crusaders are still relatively green, which always come with peril, especially when youngersters get a taste of success. Abbey won’t have Riley Quinlan to lean on during key offensive possessions and the faceoff unit could use work. And as much as Conference Carolinas strength could be a positive, it could also sink any postseason aspirations quickly.Fearless prediction: Lindenwood’s Graeme Hossack put the long stick middie position on lockdown last year, but his graduation means first team All American is up for grabs this year. There are plenty of solid candidates, but Cruz will earn the honor.

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Her grandfather, James Brown of Baltimore, sold his big, rather goofy looking blue and black basketball sneakers, which to Rachel’s giggles had once doubled as uproariously funny clown shoes.

Guess a kid has to find out sometime what a grandfather will do for a quick $150.

Brown surrendered the shoes, a pair of 1985 Nike Air Jordans, to a company that will sell them to kids in Japan who are trying, in desperately expensive ways, to be cool. Dozens of people did the same thing as Brown yesterday, lining up in the Sheraton International Hotel in Linthicum to trade their old, sweaty basketball shoes for cash.

“Rachel, God bless her, she’s a smart little thing, and she knows things don’t remain static,” her grandfather attempted to rationalize after counting his money. “We’re talking a highly intelligent baby here.”

The company that bought the shoes, Small Earth Inc., travels around the United States, holding buying sessions about every three weeks. Based in Grand Rapids, Mich., Small Earth buys birkenstock arizona sandals the shoes, photographs them and sends the pictures to dealers in Japan, where particular shoes are all the rage. The dealers then order the shoes, which are sold at a considerable markup.

“The Japanese kids wear blue suits to school,” said Andy Drasiewski, president of the company, trying to explain the inexplicable fads of youth. “See, the only way they can show how cool they are is by what they put on their feet.”

Clearance Birkenstock Womens Sandals BlackThat, of course, only partly explains why some of these basketball shoes are sold in Japan for up to $1,500. What Japanese kids want are old shoes, specifically old Nike shoes, and more specifically, old, uncommon Nike shoes. A new pair of Air Jordans are unwanted, but an old pair can sell for $900 if they’re black and white and not red and white, which brings in only about half as much. A 1985 pair of Nike University Dunks can sell for $1,500. An Adidas brand or two will also sell, but are not in as high demand.

Drasiewski estimated he will spend $30,000 on shoes turned in at the Sheraton by the time he leaves town, after buying sessions today and tomorrow.

He doesn’t buy every pair of Nikes that walk in the door. Newer shoes just won’t sell in Japan. So, while some people were paid $250 for a pair of shoes they bought 12 or 13 years ago for $60, other birkenstock womens sandals black people were offered $10 for shoes that cost them $130 a year ago.

Still other people were told their shoes were worthless in Japan and to keep on walking.

Clearance Birkenstock Womens Sandals BlackFrank Brown of Baltimore, for example, along with his buddy Earl Brown, filled four large garbage bags with shoes and lugged them to the Sheraton. They couldn’t sell a sole. “I just wanted to clear my closet and make some money, and I come up here, and MAN!”

Keith Jack, 22, of Columbia felt somewhat the same way, but he was willing to unload a pair of 1995 Air Jordans for $35. He had paid $140.

“You know, you don’t pay $140 for a pair of tennis shoes and go around wearing them,” he said without a hint of irony. “You don’t wear them unless you’re going on a date or something.”

Drasiewski said he has run into problems in several cities, facing hordes of people who arrive certain they will be paid big money for their shoes.

In fact, he pays top dollar only for birkenstock walking sandals a handful of brands from a few scattered years.

The Nike shoes most in demand are the first six editions of the Air Jordans, made from 1985 through 1991, University Dunks, and the Georgetown Terminators. French made Adidas basketball shoes will also earn some cash. ( Drasiewski is also paying for pre 1970 Levis).

Clearance Birkenstock Womens Sandals Black“We’re after fashion, not function,” he told one person who had hoped to sell a pair of 1994 Air Jordans, a remake of the much in demand and original 1985 Air Jordans. “To them, it’s like the original is the Picasso and you have a reprint of the Picasso.”

Drasiewski said sellers should not try to hide scuffs or glue a sole or even change insets, because all of those fixes decrease, rather than increase, the value of the shoe in Japan.

As for Grandpa Brown, he was womens birkenstock sandals on sale laughing so perhaps he was only kidding but it could be he was feeling a little guilt over his beloved granddaughter Rachel. He had his own plans for the day.

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Suppliers Birkenstock Adria Womens Sandals KhakiSHOES OR SOCKS? Nike statement for the World Cup is its new Magista and Mercurial soccer boots birkenstock summer sandals that use the company fly knit technology, which basically looks like cleats attached to a pair of socks. Cristiano Ronaldo is going to be wearing the Mercurial Superfly, a high top version with a cool name. way we think about product innovation is really about serving athletes and really about how we can help people reach their true potential, said Phil McCartney, vice president of global soccer for Nike. think the product we going to have on the pitch in the World Cup is a really good example of that. It a four year journey we taken to ladies birkenstock sandals sale really help our athletes reach their potential in what will be the biggest moment of their careers and lives.

Suppliers Birkenstock Adria Womens Sandals KhakiADIDAS GOES RETRO: Adidas is offering the back and white Battle Pack collection of four different cleats, featuring birkenstock adria womens sandals khaki prints that are supposed to pay homage to Brazil the only pop of color is the trademark three stripes in neon orange. Suppliers Birkenstock Adria Womens Sandals KhakiAn exception was made for Messi, who gets the star treatment with his own design and a bit of added Argentina blue on his F50s. the biggest tournament on the biggest stage. It win or go home. It black or white. So that why you see birkenstock adria sandals the black and white execution on the shoes, adidas merchandise manager Peter Hong said.

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The Shocking and Inhumane Treatment of Dogs in China

The purpose of this lens is to document and highlight the current inhumane and abusive treatment of dogs in The Peoples Republic of China, with the hope that worldwide knowledge and attention will support and assist the Chinese people in securing adequate and necessary animal welfare protection.

Cheap Birkenstock Zurich Mens Sandals Wine RedEveryday, countless thousands of dogs (many former pets) are inhumanely caged, beaten, tortured, killed and butchered, often times publicly, to feed the Chinese demand for dog meat. This activity occurs, while simultaneously three quarters of the Chinese population have indicated a desire for improved animal welfare protections and an end to the dog meat industry. Pet ownership in China has also increased dramatically, in recent years.

Please note: I am not a member of birkenstock zurich sandals any group, or political organization and I have no agenda, other than to do what I can in improving the welfare of dogs and animals. I especially feel strongly committed, to protecting and improving the welfare of companion animals, who are completely dependent on humans for their care and well being. This is the path of personal, as well as social responsibility and what I as one person can do and contribute.

This has been a very difficult lens for me to build, because of the fact that I love dogs and I’m a lifelong pet owner. To actually witness the facts of their pain and suffering in modern day China is unsettling and disturbing, to say the least! Hopefully, it will prove beneficial in the long run.

Cheap Birkenstock Zurich Mens Sandals Wine RedDogs are purposely slaughtered in front of other dogs, to increase their fear and stress level as this is supposed to enhance the flavor and increase the adrenaline in their meat, which according to Chinese folklore, boosts virility. Actual physical torture and bleeding them out slowly, are other routine methods used for this purpose.

Dogs are frequently kept in cages outside of birkenstock zurich mens sandals wine red restaurants and markets until selected for slaughter, at which time, it is common for this to occur in public view, right on the street. and other world powers, still has no animal welfare or animal protection laws! (Oh, and by the way, Walmart and Costco, obtain an estimated 80% 90% of their products from the Chinese market).

This means that the vast majority of Chinese citizens, who favor elimination of dog butchery and animal cruelty, are unable to voice their concerns or take appropriate legal measures to end this barbaric and inhumane industry in their own country!

Cheap Birkenstock Zurich Mens Sandals Wine RedA 2004 survey indicates that at least 75% of the Chinese people polled, favored an end to the dog meat trade and the adoption of animal welfare and cruelty laws, such as are almost standard and universal throughout the rest of the developed countries and civilized world! Hong Kong is the only region of The Peoples Republic that has banned the dog meat industry and has animal welfare laws in place.

Hosting the recent Olympic games was a calculated strategy by the Peoples Republic of China, to highlight their birkenstock sandals for mens on sale progress as a world economic power. Much effort was expended by the government to present a modern and progressive society.

There are many reputable reports indicating, that dog meat markets and restaurants around the Olympic sites were actually closed down or moved temporarily, so as not to offend foreign Olympic guests and to present a better (more civilized) image. Imagine that! But guess what the whole world is watching!

Recent News on Dogs in ChinaThe Struggle Continues: An Appeal from Animals Asia Foundation

Rescued from meat traders, they need your help now!

I hope you had a great New Years’ Eve and are looking forward to the Year of the Ox!

For us, it was a bumpy start to the year elation at being involved in the first major rescue of “meat dogs” from a trader in China, but also sadness at seeing the state of the dogs and the knowledge that millions of others are still trapped in this brutal industry.

It all started on New Year’s Eve when the Qiming Rescue Centre, a dog shelter in Chengdu, asked for our help.

Our first sight of birkenstock suede sandals the dogs was shocking. A small team, including one of our vets and a vet nurse, quickly grabbed medical supplies and headed for the shelter. We arrived just as the truck carrying the dogs pulled in. I couldn’t believe what we were witnessing! It was horrible in every sense of the word the stench (so familiar from our visits to live animal markets), the blood curdling cries coming from the cages as the terrified dogs bit into each and, as always, the terrible feeling we all get when we look into the haunting, sad eyes of these beautiful animals.

Our first sight of the dogs was shocking

I hate to think how long they had been in those cages, many of them packed in so tightly that they were piled on top of each other. Some of the dogs were shaking with anxiety, while others were rigid with fear. Many were suffering terribly and showing symptoms of parvovirus, distemper and kennel cough. Most were skeletal and their coats filthy from being excreted and urinated on by the top layer of dogs.

Our volunteer vet nurse Helena tends to the dogs. Animals Asia is health checking the dogs, treating their wounds, vaccinating them and, sadly, euthanising those that are just too sick to save or so aggressive that we could not rule out rabies or other diseases; these dogs are also a serious risk to other dogs and handlers. The process is ongoing, but we hope many of the dogs will recover and find good homes. However, these are the lucky ones this year alone, millions of other dogs (and cats) will be slaughtered in the most brutal manner in hellish meat markets in China.

will be crammed together into tiny cages, loaded onto trucks and driven day and night for four or five days with no food or water (if they are lucky, they might be hosed down, just to keep them alive). Once at the markets in southern China, they will be bludgeoned across the face, stabbed and bled out, or slowly, torturously beaten to death in the misguided belief that their meat will taste better if they are panic stricken at the point of death. The same fate awaits millions of cats some of them are even boiled alive.

Many of the dogs were wearing collars and a number of them were pure bred; these were possibly stolen pets; others had been collected as strays from the streets, bred in dingy cages on dog farms or raised in rural houses purposefully for meat.

At the moment, Qiming Rescue Centre has only cramped room to house these new dogs at least temporarily as we revamp and upgrade the facility and help them recover from their terrible trauma while they await adoption.

Animals Asia’s Christie comforts some of the survivors.

We have much work to do, as the bitterly cold winter months close in on us, including more weatherproofing, extending the roof to cover many more dog runs, concreting the enclosures and runs and making dry, wooden box beds. With the added expense of food and medical care, this is going to be a costly process.